A Delicate Corpse Flower (peregrin8) wrote in affair_with_me,
A Delicate Corpse Flower

Also Today is Love Your Body Day.

Yesterday I blew off jury duty -- called in sick. I *had* been feeling very ill the night before, and I didn't think it would be fair to go decide on indictments when I was woozy and inattentive. So I stayed home and ended up getting a lot done -- laundry, buying groceries, cooking spicy lentils and brown basmati rice. And not guilting myself out, and not doing anything I didn't want to (so, yes, it took all day and evening to get the laundry done, but whatever!)

I am also gingerly cutting down on caffeine... it had gotten way out of control. I am nervous because I don't want to go into a depressive slump, and I've been using my "low end of the speed spectrum" coffee habit as a crutch, a shield, etc. Today I had one smallish coffee in the morning and one small soy latte (only ONE shot of espresso!) in the afternoon. That's next to no coffee, for me. I am going to bring teabags to work tomorrow.

And... I know bellydance class is supposed to be all positive and body-honoring but it hasn't been feeling that way for me, and I'm thinking I might drop it. I'm awfully conflicted and uptight about something that's *supposed* to be FUN...

How's everyone else?
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