A Delicate Corpse Flower (peregrin8) wrote in affair_with_me,
A Delicate Corpse Flower

A new year... a fresh start

"Recognize this resistance as a fear of intimacy -- SELF-intimacy. Often in troubled relationships, we settle into an avoidance pattern with our significant others. We don't want to hear what they are thinking because it just might hurt. So we avoid them, knowing that, once they get the chance, our significant others will probably blurt out something we do not want to hear." -- Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

This quote is about how we get estranged from our SELVES. Integrate. Have a long sweet talk with yourself. One of those impromptu dates that just arises (cancel something!) -- make tea, put on your comfy snuggly clothes, and really hang out with yourself.


(this is not a Resolution but a Fiat:)

2007 is Love Your Body Year.
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