Fragilespiral (fragilespiral12) wrote in affair_with_me,

Ok The Memey Thingy Going Around

My top 10 favorite things about myself
1. My Eyes- I have very pretty icey blue eyes. My friend Kate Walker once told me they were the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen.
2. My nose- i dont know why i just kind of like it
3. My hands- i too have very small dainty hands, everytime i hear the song hands by Jewel im reminded of my own. hehe :) my fingers are just the pefect size for everything
4. My Lips- i forgot to say i have perfectly shaped lips hehe and they look great when im smiling.
5. My Hair- Its really thick and when i grow it longer, it will be beautiful. I will not be going bald any time soon. :)
6. My Breasts- Decent so far, will get better, but i love em anyway.
7. My Hips- Hella Cute
8. My Ass- perfect for me, i guess :)
9. My Legs- are really cutely shaped
10. My Feet- They are weirdly awesome. Some of my toes curve onto other toes. its cute in a weird way...
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