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Okay, I'm up for the challenge.

Physical stuff I love about me.

1. My hair. It's thick and long and wavy, and it smells nice.
2. My eyes. They're a pretty color, somewhere between blue and green and grey, and they look pretty even with my glasses over them.
3. My mouth. I used to hate that my upper lip was narrower than my lower lip and all triangular and stuff, but now I think it gives me a 'pouty' thing going on, which is tres sexay.
4. My skin. Despite years of picking at things and smoking, I still have a great complexion. Plus, freckles. What's not to love about freckles?
5. My wrists. They're tiny and dainty, surprisingly so. I wear a 6-1/2" bracelet, for chrissakes! :)
6. My hands and fingers. Also tiny, but cutely pudgy as well.
7. My hips. They're very round and womanly.
8. The stuff... er, between my hips. Hours of entertainment, whether I have a partner or not. *blush*
9. My butt. It's big, but it's round and juicy and it looks hot in tight jeans.
10. The way it all hangs together. Hee!
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